June 17, 2012

Williams first farm?

Williams first farm? C 1851

The agricultural census for Hamilton Twp, Northumberland Co Ontario lists William on page 135 #20.
He is listed next to land holder [Robert] R Weir who has 40 acres on con 2 lot 8. It appears as though the census taker was confused and started to list Wm as holder of the 40 acres....Could R. Weir have sold a small piece of his land to Wm to farm?

Wm Rayborn cons 2 lot 8. / 5 acres held & under cultivation / 1-1/4 a under crops & 3-1/4 a under pasture / 1 a of wheat & 6 bushels produce / 3/4 a of potatoes & 50 bushels produce

A very small farm, but a start. R Weir held the land next to Wm, but Edward Weir lived on the land and is recorded so in the personal census. Robert lived close by.

Ireland family connections; Edward Weir is brother to Margaret Weir Reburn, who married John Reburn and lived in Corvacken Townland, Aughnamullen Parish in Monaghan Ireland.

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