September 5, 2009

What do I know about the fifth generation?

Not too long ago Randy at Genea-Musing’s had an exercise in finding out about our 2nd great-grandparents. I haven’t been too good at blogging this summer just reading and off I go.

So Today, I decided well what do I know about them? Do I have all there is to have? The answer is very simply, NO!

So this give me a direction when ADD sets in, to focus on. I will go right on down the line and see what I do know and goals to set for research....

What do I know about:

William Raeburn and wife Margaret McCormack? I know they were born in Ireland, and three of their children were born in Ireland. They are connected to County Monaghan Reburns, Reyburns, etc., but to date I have not found records in Monaghan with them recorded. I can follow them from Quebec their first known destination from Ireland, with one baptism record of a daughter in 1846. So I have one area of Quebec to search from, some possibilities of relatives in the area but nothing yet conclusive, no census for them. They arrived c1840 and left Quebec by 1848 at the latest.

William and family are found in Northumberland Co Ontario c 1848 with a baptism of another daughter. They are next door to family (Weir of Monaghan) and another Reburn temporarily lived with Weirs next door c1850. (Family folklore) Several other recorded documents put them in this area to c1863.

William and family finally arrive in Simcoe Co Ontario, were they live the rest fo their lives. Several documents to support this.

What I know about their nationality is they are Scot-Irish.

I obviously need more research done in Ireland which I have recently contracted for again(specific records). More investigating needs to be done in Quebec, but there are limited records there as well. I am not sure what records are available there, that I haven’t already searched.

Thomas Darwin Lillie and Anna Youker both lived in New York and moved to Pennsylvania. I have census in Pennsylvania. They moved to Michigan c1860, with two census’s to support this- 1860 and 1870. Anna and the rest fo the family move to Grand Traverse County and from there many records trace their movements to their death dates.

More research on the Lillie and Youker families need to be done in New York. I have traced the Lillie’s to Cortland Co NY, need more there. The Youkers are traced by descendants to 1700's with the first emigration.

Nationality? The Youkers came from an area near Germany, this is all I know to date. The is only a guess. Irish? German? Likely German, but no proven.
James McLean Wheeler and Matilda Smith both grew up in the Lennox and Addington County of Ontario. Their families are well documented here from late 1700's and early 1800's. Documentation is found until the mid 1880's when James and Matilda fall off the grid. The general location to consider at this time is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan were James signs a Naturalization paper in 1886, Marquette, Mi.

Nationality? Matilda’s family states often they are German. James? ?????, all I know is his father Calvin was a British Loyalist that left the U.S. c 1812.
[and this fact was re-written by later generations!!]
I haven’t been able to find Calvin in the U.S. yet. So far, the NY / Vermont border seems a possible location to continue searching.
Amos Carpenter and Mary Ann Cliffe; Amos was born in Quebec c 1837, Mary Anne in Lansdowne, Leeds Co Ontario c1841. No real elbow grease has been put into this team. Mary Anne’s parents came from Ireland. Amos’s lineage has been traced by descendants back to England c1605 with William of England coming to Rehoboth, Massettchutsetts. I know where they moved on to via census’s etc, and where they ended for documentation, there is more to see...

Nationality? Well the Carpenters despite family insistance believing it is French, seems English....unless traced further. At this point...Cliffe...Irish
This is dad’s’s later.

Any suggestions? ; )