March 14, 2010

Don't give up

Some time ago I had a post on the death of Emma Carpenter Walsh, my grandmother's aunt who lived a few doors down from her in a big old Victorian house in the Soo. I was rather perturbed at the fact that I didn't receive a date with the obituary:
Emma Walsh post

I was determined to find out what the death date was. Last summer I went to my local FHL in Grand Rapids and looked at microfilm of death records of Sault Saint Marie, Mi and just couldn't find her. I apparently overlooked her.

Recently I was on the site: Seeking Michigan and was actually looking for Emma's evasive sisters, trying all sorts of variations of searches as I didn't know where the sisters were. Then I finally entered "Chippewa" for county and "Carpenter" for fathers last easy was that?

Amma Walsh died January 4, 1918.
There you have it....Amma, not Emma.

Don't give up!! It can be something oh so simple. (I am still looking for her sisters!)