October 22, 2011

Time Machine Poetry! (oh yea-I write poetry)

I want to see what you see…

My magic carpet goes back in time
As the future will be told
Our history books in libraries abound
The prime destinations to behold

Now if I was driving, I’d take the back roads
to all of the places that little is known

Maybe I’ll stick close to residence-
No wish to be stuck
In some- medieval dominance

But the roaring twenties,
Ultimately destination one
My kind of party, in the dawn of expression.

Now the Renaissance, cannot be missed
No matter the year
Enlightenment is on the list.
In Plato’s time, air tense with political power
To much like the present
It would make me glower! 
[I may as well stay home in my corner and cower]

But In the end my passion plan
Is to see my blood in another land
Your trails stops cold in Ireland
In the year of eighteen hundred and ten

Who is your da, dear William?
Is it John or Henry, shall I ask again?
Before the famine to ship you took
The future there on is on the books
So to Monaghan off I go
To see from whom my blood does flow.