February 25, 2009

Who is #21 on the ahnentafel... better late than never, Matilda Smith

I just stumbled onto this exercise by Randy Seaver at Gena-Musings, and thought I would give it a try even though it will be nearly a week late by the time I post. Wouldn’t you know it, its great greatgrandma Matilda Smith.

Matilda Smith was born August 29, 1825 in Lennox and Addington County Ontario. Her parents are Nicholas Smith and Margaret Johnson. I do not yet know much on her parents but believe her father may have been a UEL. Matilda married James McLean Wheeler son of Calvin Wheeler on March 16, 1840 in Camden East, Lennox and Addington County.

Matilda and husband James raised 10 children in Tamworth, Sheffield Township in L & A Co. James was a merchant & millwright in the lumber business with his father. Their family was well established in Tamworth.

Matilda’s children: Elizabeth, Richard, Clarissa, Margaret, John [died], James my great grandfather, Alonzo, Charles, Calvin, Archibald and Ross.

I have certainly learned a lot about this family, much of the family folklore was wayyyyy off course. As history has it you don’t always get to learn much on the women in the family. I do not know much on Matilda’s life. By the 1880's she and her husband, and sons ventured into the upper peninsula of Michigan where lumbering was booming. Where exactly she and her husband ended up is unclear. I have searched high and low for the two of them in the U.P. I know her sons were in the Seney area, but she doesn’t show up. Another descendant thought they were in the Minnesota area with another son....not found there either. Right now the only clues I have are a naturalization into the U.S. of James M Wheeler in 1886, in Marquette. A photograph of their grandchildren taken in Marquette. I believe this documentation is ‘my James’ the signature is very similiar to that signed on his fathers will. The folklore has been quite interesting, stating that the Wheelers were all born in New York, and even England...well it was Canada, daddy was a British Supporter and left the U.S. by the war of 1812 when he became an adult.

I would love to know more about Matilda, put a picture with her name, and find out where she is laid to rest. Folklore has her death date as December 13, 1893... is it so and where is she?

How does Matilda tie into the Raeburns? Matilda's granddaugher Ethel Wheeler married my grandfather Ernest Raeburn.

February 24, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

Jesus Said "Watch, Pray thy soul shall be required--"
The Raeburn family stone in Pinegrove Cemetery in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan. The William Raeburn Jr family plot.

February 22, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #7 Easter memories

I don’t know that we had ‘traditions’ rather than memories of those holidays. My memories were great, but may seem oh, silly and plain to others. We were basically always together during the holidays.

Easter- Memories of Easter as a very young girl started with shopping for that pretty Easter dress, affirmation that spring was here and I couldn’t wait to wear the dress. Palm Sunday was a memorable day at church always and bringing home that palm was a big deal for some reason. My mom was one of the ladies that set up the after service coffee and cookies, and I got to help this also was a big deal to me, we would get to church early and stay late. Grace Episcopal Church itself was a great memory, a whole other story!

Coloring Easter eggs, making baskets to put them in was great fun and was part of the anticipation of Easter. We had the ‘traditional’ Easter egg hunt at the Traverse City Golf & Country Club, which was at the top of the hill from where I lived. The eggs were hidden on the greens near the club and in the woods down the hill. I was a great hunter! You had to be fast, there were a lot of kids! I had a slight advantage as I played in those woods and knew every crook, nook and cranny in there. However I wasn’t allowed in the woods when it came time to hide the eggs, banished until the hunt was over.

There was a great big Easter Rabbit in town during Easter time but I really didn’t visit him....I swear one night (around Easter) I saw him standing in my bedroom doorway. Talk about a heart attack! Freaked me right out! Musta been dreaming....but I stilllllll remember!

Easter morning and I couldn’t hunt for my basket!!! The birds were singing and it was time to get ready for church. I was anxious for the day to begin. We finally got to wear those new dresses, my sister mom and I. My brother (wayyy older than me...sorry bro) had moved out by then and I didn’t pay attention to what dad was wearing, it wasn’t a dress. Easter services were always beautiful, very ceremonial services and I actually loved them. Every one would linger after service, it looked like soooo many people. Everything is larger when you are a child. I remember it just always seemed like a great spring morning. There were a lot of children and of course we would play, and run if we could get away with it. I was secretly in love with one of the boys at the church....but of course never said a word...you heard it first, right here! His name stays with me ; ) Had to throw that one in.

We would get home and the basket search was on! Found in short order and sorted, as a voice from the kitchen sang out “Don’t eat all that candy now you will spoil your dinner.” Sound familiar? Big dressed table in the dining room, and the special dishes were ready. My grandparents and uncle would join us, sometimes my brother was there. I loved the holiday meals, even washing the dishes after because they were the ‘special dishes’. Mom would always get this great Easter cake that looked like a big round bunny and little bunny cupcakes all covered in coconut and was great tasting, I couldn’t wait to have that! After the meal, the Easter dress was traded in for play clothes and probably all sugared up, off I went to play with all the kids in our very noisy neighborhood. It was always a great day, spring had officially arrived.

Looked for Easter photos, not much. One is Dad with brother Duane and sister Kim, before my time I suspect somewhere around 1954. The other is me on 17th Street, see the gloves in hand? What ever happened to that fashion? Notice the hill behind me? Great stuff for sledding...the hill kept going beyond the photogragher.

February 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow, I just received a kudos nomination from Janet Iles at http://researchergal.blogspot.com regarding my blog. Thank you Janet, it is nice to know that others like your blog. Just when I wonder, am I writing anything interesting? I am very new to blogging having just started one month ago. My mission is now to send 7 kudos to those blogs I find "Kreativ". I will do this over a period of time, since I am new to this. Here are the first of the seven and the 'instructions', "should you accept this mission"....

1. Copy the award to your site.

2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

4. Link to those sites on your blog.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominate

1. Kudos to Tipper at www.blindpigandtheacorn.com
I just stumbled onto her blog, and love her stories about Appalachian mountain people , pictures and the bonus was when I turned on my speakers and found some of my favorite music to accompany it.

2. Kudos to Sheri Fenley at http://sherifenleyrabbit.blogspot.com/2009/02/wabbit-wheelie.html
She puts fun into the blog by mixing it up sometimes with posts like Wabbit Wheelie

3. Kudos to Judith Richards Shubert at http://cemeteriesofthecoveredbridges.blogspot.com/2009/02/covered-bridges-wordless-wednesday.html
Her posts take me on those favorite country drives.

More later.......[the 'add a link didn't work so I guess, copy & paste"]

February 16, 2009

Mystery photo

This photo was given to me by my cousin in a pile of Raeburn and Wheeler photos. It absolutely drives me crazy that I do not know who these folks are! I have tried to enlarge it to see what is on the mailbox, but can only see U.S. Mail. The rest of what is written I just can't make out. I don't know what year this is either.

I need someone with some great skill at 'pulling a rabbit out of their hat'. Could this be digitally enhanced to be able to view what is on the mailbox? Might be my ancestor and that would be a great find. Could be someone elses and it would be great for them.

Does anyone else have a mystery photo that drives them crazy...?

February 9, 2009

10th Edition Smile For The Camera-Costume, Ida Wheeler Panter

I love the dresses of the early 1900's, the women dressed so elegant. This photo is labeled Christmas 1911, Ida Wheeler Panter, she is my Grandma(Ethel Wheeler)Raeburn's sister. A couple of things seem odd on this labeling. One is; Ida was born in 1896, making her 15 in this photo, ok...but she was married in 1925. Was it truely 1911 at age 15, or was she Mrs William Panter in the 1920's, living in Chicago. I am not sure this was the dress for the 1920's, so quite the dress for a 15 year old.

February 4, 2009

William Stewart and Family, Queries and Theories

William Stewart the son of Samuel Stewart was born abt 1800 and lived in County Monaghan Ireland. Susan McCormack was born abt 1800 in Ireland and the two married sometime about 1818, the year their first son was born, Samuel born 1818 County Monaghan Ireland. The couple had a total of 8 children born in County Monaghan Ireland; Samuel, John, William, George, Mary, Alexander, Margaret and Richard.

William took his family to Canada around 1850, and first lived in Toronto area near a Stewart relative. He later moved the family to Grey County, Ontario in the Maple Valley region of Osprey Township. Here they were members of the Presbyterian church and were neighbors of William Raeburn and family.

Williams son Richard married Mary Raeburn the daughter of William Raeburn & Margaret McCormack. They lived on the farm that Richards father established in Maple Valley. Richard and Mary had 7 children; Two twin sons that died after birth, Margaret, William, James, George and William all grew to adulthood.

William Stewart died in 1876, his wife Susan died in 1860 and they are buried in the Badjeros Cemetery in Osprey Twp.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Theory ~ William Stewart and William Raeburn knew each other in County Monaghan. Perhaps attended the same Presbyterian church, along with the McCormack families. If so there are quite a few Stewarts listed in the
Tithe Applotment Book for 1829/30 in Monaghan:

Ematris Parish ~ Samuel and William Stuarts as well as McCormacks.
Aughnamullen Parish ~ Samuel and other Stuarts and one [McCormack in Cordevlis townland] near Ematris.

Query ~ Were Susan McCormack and Margaret McCormack related? HOW?

What churches might these folks have attended when living in Monaghan?
[William Raeburn in Aughnamullen Parish - Corvacken to Drumcunnion townlands]