June 17, 2012

Williams first farm?

Williams first farm? C 1851

The agricultural census for Hamilton Twp, Northumberland Co Ontario lists William on page 135 #20.
He is listed next to land holder [Robert] R Weir who has 40 acres on con 2 lot 8. It appears as though the census taker was confused and started to list Wm as holder of the 40 acres....Could R. Weir have sold a small piece of his land to Wm to farm?

Wm Rayborn cons 2 lot 8. / 5 acres held & under cultivation / 1-1/4 a under crops & 3-1/4 a under pasture / 1 a of wheat & 6 bushels produce / 3/4 a of potatoes & 50 bushels produce

A very small farm, but a start. R Weir held the land next to Wm, but Edward Weir lived on the land and is recorded so in the personal census. Robert lived close by.

Ireland family connections; Edward Weir is brother to Margaret Weir Reburn, who married John Reburn and lived in Corvacken Townland, Aughnamullen Parish in Monaghan Ireland.

June 11, 2012

Quebec the first stop

Where in Quebec did the Raeburn's first go? William & Margaret Raeburn's daughter Mary was born in the "Montreal area" c 1844.
Their daughter Margaret Ann was baptised in Chatham, Argenteuil Co Quebec in 1846.

Then there is Margaret Raeburn Livingston b c1786 Ireland.
She married John Livingston in Carrickmacross, Magheross Parish, Monaghan in 1818, close to the proposed townlands of Ireland William & Margaret lived-
It appears that the Livingstons were in Quebec by 1826 per census recording daughter Mary Livingston as born Quebec.
They lived in Terrebonne Quebec 1851 per census, next door to Patrick Hamill.
Patrick Hamill was listed as joint tenant with Wm Reaburn in 1824- Drumcunnion townland, Monaghan Tithe record.

Are the Livingston/Hamill families related to William Raeburn? Did William first bring his family to the "Montreal area" of Terrebonne Quebec to be near the Livingston's?