August 14, 2010

Surname Saturday- LILLIE

Surname Saturday today is about my 3rd great-grandparents, my father’s father’s mother’s line. Had to do that. Not much is know about this family, they have managed to remain a little bit of a mystery to me. I do have some information on the families descending from them, today I am really focusing on Joseph and Esther.


Dean E. Raeburn (1918-1988)
Robinette (1922-2003)

Ernest F. Raeburn (1883-1965)
Ethel A. Wheeler (1889-1979)

William Raeburn (1853-1935)
Melissa Jane Lillie (1855-1927)

Thomas D. Lillie (1826- ? )
Anna Youker (1824-1899)

LILLIE: Origin-German
JOSEPH LILLIE b abt 1774 New York
wife: ESTHER b abt 1785 Pennsylvania

Children of Joseph and Esther:
1) Leonard LILLIE b c1792 NY d bet 1860-1875 possibly Steuben NY
wife- Polly Warner. There is no concrete document confirming this relationship, so at this time it is pending, they are very ‘entertwined’.
2) William D LILLIE b 1808 Cortland Co NY d 1890?
Wife: Thankful Ann (nee Rice?)
3) Elizabeth H. LILLIE b 1805/1819 NY conflicting reports d 1896
husband: Rhodes Wilkinson
4) James LILLIE b 1821 NY
wife: Maria Herrick
5) Thomas Darwin LILLIE b 1826 NY~~my great great grandfather
wife: Anna Youker
6) Charles LILLIE b 1828 NY
7) Emily LILLIE b 1834 NY

I first found Joseph in Cortland County, New York via the 1810 census. He remains here for some time and is also found on the 1820 and 1830 censuses. In 1820 Leonard is also listed here and by 1830 Leonard is listed right next to Joseph. Coincidently there are other ‘Lillies’ in the County at this time, I have not researched them to great detail.

By 1840 Joseph is now in Potter County, Pennsylvania and is found on the 1840 and 1850 censuses, where I found the names of two other children, Charles and Emily, never to be ‘seen’ again. Also in Potter County via 1850 census are children Thomas and family right next door to Joseph, Elizabeth and her family, and William D. and family. James and family are in McKean County, Pennsylvania via 1850 census. Leonard was in Steuben County NY in 1850-1860.

The LILLIE family was scattered around the ‘Whites Corner’ Area of Harrison Township, Potter County and into West Union, Steuben County NY mainly. I have searched all around this area with help from local historians for various records including local cemeteries, and just haven’t found Joseph and Esther after 1850. I have followed the migration trail of their other children; Thomas, James and William to no avail. This family has been interesting to follow as the migration trail into Ohio and Michigan includes several other Potter County people most of who are somehow related to the Lillies. Still Joseph and Esther remain in hiding (as well as children Charles and Emily), probably right under my nose.