January 11, 2013

Blogiversary 2013

Gosh, it has been four years. Life has taken me a bit away from it all. working full time. I think I said the same thing last year.

I enjoy genealogy, I just need to have more time to be able to do it all. My main goal in the blog in the beginning was trying to connect to any Raeburns out there in the genealogy world. If I got lucky I would catch up with the Ireland Raeburn cousins. So far...they are all hiding. I think we are an obscure bunch. I have researched about everything I can get my hands on whether virtual or real in terms of documents and research to no avail. The trail still stops short of really finding ancestor relatives or a trail that leads to just exactly where. I can feel it in my bones where they came from. Just no'proof". Bummer. So I will keep writing from time to time, but maybe not about those elusive folks of mine. Maybe I should throw some of that poetry I write in as filler!lol. Just thought I should say Hi, and thank you to the couple of folks that stopped by to say Happy Blogiversary, Grant Davis of The Stephen Sherwood Letters and Jim of HiddenGenealogyNuggets