February 9, 2009

10th Edition Smile For The Camera-Costume, Ida Wheeler Panter

I love the dresses of the early 1900's, the women dressed so elegant. This photo is labeled Christmas 1911, Ida Wheeler Panter, she is my Grandma(Ethel Wheeler)Raeburn's sister. A couple of things seem odd on this labeling. One is; Ida was born in 1896, making her 15 in this photo, ok...but she was married in 1925. Was it truely 1911 at age 15, or was she Mrs William Panter in the 1920's, living in Chicago. I am not sure this was the dress for the 1920's, so quite the dress for a 15 year old.


  1. I would go with the earlier date based on the style of the clothes. It must have been labeled at a later date, when she was already married.

  2. She does look young though. Maybe she could have been 15 here. Great photo. Love the hat and the fur pieces. I don't see them too often.