January 11, 2010


Blogoversary January 11, 2010

“You Say Its Your” ... Blogoversary....Happy ... Blogoversary To You ...

One Year into the blog. I started out like gangbusters and then the blog trickled to a near stop. Why? Well I will review-

1. Initial intention of the blog; was the hope of connecting to someone within the family line, in hopes of unlocking mysteries that have me at a halt.

Has this happened yet? Well no, but I have connected with one person earlier in the year that is a descendant of a lateral line. He was looking for maps to Derrygooney townland in Monaghan Ireland and found it in one of my posts, and he discovered our lines were connected. He [Steve] traveled to Ireland shortly after on business, visited the area and took photos which he graciously shared with me. We didn’t discover any thing ‘new’ about our lines....but it was nice to correspond with him.

2. Pitfalls; Well...sometimes I have creative BLOCK! I wonder if posts are being read, if they are of interest. So then I tend to slow way down.
I have one pet peeve, I have shared a lot of my own research with a few, only to find it was re-posted by a couple of folks on the internet as their own work. I had a long conversation with another researcher once, and we had both agreed..that’s just wrong. Give credit to the ones who did the work, if you know, at least a brief acknowledgment. Two reasons- credit for work...but also, if you are taking credit for others work and someone comes along asking you questions or for more info and you HAVEN’T A CLUE AT ALL, that is of no help to others. Post the researchers name to the work, so THEY can be contacted. [I did ask that my name be connected to the work]
So with that thought.....I had slowed down on content exposure.
I guess an example of what I mean is: so someone lists in their gedcom my: great grand mother's siblings. WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP TO THAT OTHER PERSON? my great grand mother is married to a man WHOSE SISTER is married to someone else totally not related and THAT PERSON has a brother, who is the ancestor of the person who added my great grandmothers siblings. that is just a really huge stretch and absolutely no relation. Some one else called this "name collecting".

3. Time- Sometimes life just gets in the way...so be it.........can’t change that one!

New Goals for Blog:

1. Community and correspondence...It has been nice to read others posts, for interest of their own content and ideas. I would like comments on my blog, it helps me...so I will try to leave comments also when I read others posts. The correspondence has been nice, I like it. I left a ‘check off’ at the end of each post if one doesn’t feel like commenting. It actually is helpful, but NOT mandatory!

2. Practice-
blogging helps get the creative process moving again.

3. Get over it- Some people "collect names". You know what work YOU [I] have done!

Lets see if I do better this year! Happy New Year every one!!

Photos taken by Steven Ellingson
old John Reburn homestead, Corvacken townland, Aughnamullen, Monaghan
below:Landscapes in Ireland


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Those are great photos of the area and the hemestead. It was wonderful that Steve was able to send you those photos. When you see the photos, I think you get a better sense of the people that once lived there.

    Best wishes for a second year of blogging.

  2. I've given you an award, Holly. Still love your blog. Go to http://tennesseememories.blogspot.com/2010/01/happy-101-award-for-tennessee-memories.html to pick it up.

  3. The townland pics are great. They are the things that makes a genealogists year.

  4. They are great! It makes me feel a little closer to my ancestors, I don't know if I will be able to make it to Ireland myself...but I sure hope I can someday.