September 6, 2010

This Week...

Thanks to Linda @ Documenting the Details for coming up with a great idea to share. It is a good idea, it keeps the mind working! I see what more needs to be done, what more intrigues here is my first attempt at "This Week in the Family History"

September 5-11

September 6, 1806- Reuben Neely is born in Bath, Lennox and Addington County Ontario, his parents are John Neely and Elizabeth Carscallen. Reuben is my 2nd great grand uncle, and our common ancestor is his mother Elizabeth, my 3rd great grandmother.

September 7, 1832- James Creighton is born in Coburg Ontario to John Creighton and mother with an unknown name for now. James is married Eliza Raeburn, my great grand aunt. Common ancestors are William Raeburn and Margaret McCormick, my 2nd great grand parents.

September 11, 1901- Norman McDonald Stewart is born to parents William Henry Stewart and Janet McDonald in Badjeros, Osprey Twp, Grey County Ontario. Norman is my second cousin, once removed. Our common ancestors again are William and Margaret McCormick Raeburn.


Last week was better, but I didn't get it on in a timely manner, here it is anyway!

August 29th to September 4th:

August 29, 1829- Gorham H. Gorton is born in Henrietta, Monroe County NY to parents William H. Gorton and Electa Hitchcock. He is my 2nd great grand uncle, mom’s side.

August 30, 1865- George Morgan Sackett was born in Pennsylvania to Laverne O. Sackett and Ann Eliza Youker. Tragically George died two years after he was born. George would be my 2nd cousin twice removed. Our common ancestors are Johann George Youker and Catherien Margaret Burkdorff, my 3rd great grandparents. Dad’s side

August 30, 1801 Orpha W.B. Carpenter is born in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire. Her parents are Stephen Carpenter and Zilpha Wilbur. Orpha married Hershey Estus, they later move to East Troy Wisconsin. She is my 3rd great grand aunt!

August 31, 1887 Donald M. Finlayson is born in Canada, he is totally not related to me other than he married my great aunt, Margaret Raeburn.

September 1, 1929- Dick Wilbur Cornell is born in Traverse City Michigan to Leo and Joyce Cornell. Dick is my uncle.

September 2, 1921- George Patterson and Ellen Grace Sinclair are married in Louth Township, Lincoln County, Ontario. Ellen Grace Sinclair is my 1st cousin twice removed..Grandpa Raeburn’s first cousin. Our common ancestors are William Raeburn and Margaret McCormick.

September 3, 1829- Emily H. Ketchum is born in New York to parents Ebenezer Ketchum and Maria Thompson. She married John S. Gorton. Emily is my second great-grandmother on my mother’s maternal side.

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