January 17, 2009


Today I think I need to hop around the blogs and really find out more about blogging & genealogy. I have been researching ancestors for a few years now but am brand new to blogging. I am not sure what to post next. So I am learning here. My direct line of the Raeburn family has been almost a complete mystery in terms of where in Ireland they came from. I only found out by researching the lateral lines...boy am I glad I did alot of connect the dots when I was a kid! I do not have much in terms of photos and memorabilia to put on the blog, perhaps in time. I have alot of theory in connecting the Raeburns of Monaghan, perhaps I will blog about that. What does one want to read about. I hope someone out there can help connect the Raeburns.
Today I read.....

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  1. I love reading other blogs and even though they are rarely on my area of genealogy, I'm absorbing a lot from them in the area of things like how to comment on photos and present various types of information.
    The second great thing about reading these genea-blogs is that I can share with lots of people who enjoy the process of building a family history - it eases my "genea-isolation"
    Evelyn in Monteal