January 11, 2009

Who are William Raeburn's siblings?

Is John Reburn b c1805 of Corvacken townland - Williams brother?
Is Mary Rayburn b c1803 m John Fleming and lived in Derrygooney townland - Williams sister?
Is William Reaburn listed in the Monaghan Tithe of 1824 Drumcunnion townland related?
George Reburn is listed in the 1848-64 Griffith's Valuation in Drumcunnion - are they also related?

Corvacken, Derrygooney, and Drumcunnion townlands are neighboring townlands in Aughnamullen Parish, Co Monaghan.


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  2. Team,
    I just stumbled on this website doing a google search. I'm a 53 yr old Aussie just starting to track down my family name's history - Reaburn. I live in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Downunder. Oral history suggests we have some American connection to a William Reaburn (married to an Ellen Christie) who had a son Robert Reaburn born in 1827 somewhere and died in Surry Hills, Victoria, Australia in 1910.
    Does any of this mean anything to you guys?

  3. It doesn't sound familiar to me right off hand, but I do have some other Raeburn info, if you can email me at my email address with info like where they emigrated from etc, I might have something that could be a connection

  4. Peter if you are still reading this blog, I might be able to help. Email pyewackett@iinet.net.au.