March 8, 2009

Rambling again...

Being the baby of the entire Raeburn family, born much later than my siblings and cousins, I know virtually nada about the entire clan. I became interested in genealogy about the time my oldest son had to do a family history in his 10th grade social studies ? class. Many of the family members had passed away, luckily my Aunt Barb gathered what information she had obtained from her mother and wrote it down. Much of it correct but a lot I had to dig deeper and subsequently found a lot of unknown information. This really intrigued me. More digging. I have plenty of stats and now what I lack are photos and a sense of who the folks were and what they did. I realize I will need to do more digging yet!

I started this blog with blinders on, concentrating on the roadblock of wondering who were William Raeburn Sr’s siblings and parents. I may never really find that out...and be left with only my conclusions. So I need to expand this blog to the ENTIRE paternal line and branches! I have plenty of other roadblocks, and I need to find a way of “seeing” who these people of mine were....and connecting with people is always a bonus.

I have contacted a cousin of my fathers and now will contact yet another. Could I possibly convince them to jot down their memories? It all helps and just by the conversations I have had, what they remember is certainly interesting even though they may have thought it wasn’t.

Well, lets see what I may learn.....

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