March 10, 2009

Smile For The Camera, 11th Edition~~brothers & sisters

Byard, Barbara, Lee, Dean & Beth Raeburn~brothers & sisters
My dad and his siblings were definitely a one for all and all for one clan. Aunt Beth isn't in this photo for some reason...perhaps because she was the baby of the family like me and was 7 years younger than my dad [the two youngest of 5] The Raeburn clan grew up in Sault Saint Marie Michigan. This photo was taken sometime just before WWII.

Left to right top row: Marjorie Lee Raeburn Bates, Byard Raeburn, my cousin Michael Craig Durwin~Barbara's son, my dad Dean Raeburn
Middle row: Barbara Raeburn Durwin, Mae Wheeler Mathews my grandma's sister, my grandma Ethel Wheeler Raeburn, Ida Wheeler Panter~sister of g'ma,Ida~a friend
Bottom row: Esther Dittman Raeburn [my dad's 1st wife], Violet Raeburn~Byard's wife, Barbara's husband Oscar Thomas Durwin, Marjorie Wheeler Wilms ~g'ma's sister, 'Fuzz'O.N. Wilms

Dorothy Elizabeth Raeburn, 'Beth'


  1. It's wonderful to see a photo of adult siblings - I hope you have this enlarged and on display because it's a beautifully composed shot!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. I don't but its a good idea : )
    I actually have another one with a few less in the photo...

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  4. Great photos! Your Dad was a handsome young man. In fact, they were a family full of handsome guys and gals. I love the 2nd picture, too. The way the little old man is peeking at Dorothy across the street, her clothes are so retro (now), the bicycle, and the way the house is on stilts or blocks across the street. Good post, Holly!

  5. That IS a hoot, the man across the street, also notice the woman to the left striking a 'pose' for the camera!