April 25, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy fun, calculating dates

Randy's mission at Genea-Musings for us tonight...find that date using your date calculator.
Randy said-
This week, let's do something quick and easy in your genealogy software program. Are you able to calculate an age at death from a birth date and a death date? I usually can. Are you able to calculate a birth date from a death date and an age at death (in years, months, days)? I usually cannot.

Here's the challenge:
1) Open your genealogy software program and search for a "Date Calculator." You could go exploring in your Tools or Options menu, or you could use the Help menu to find it.

2) Open the "Date Calculator" and put in a death date for one of your ancestors and put in an age at death (use the one you know, or just make one up - we're just testing this feature today). Do the same thing by entering a birth date and a death date in the "Date Calculator" and see how old someone was when they died.

3) Tell us what software you're using and where you found the "Date Calculator." Tell us the information you found out from using the "Date Calculator."

Ok, Randy my turn,

I use LDS Personal Ancestry Program. The date calculator is a tool I use ALL the time! So, here is 'age at death'...

Margaret Ann Raeburn: I have learned from her baptism record, Margaret was born 20 July 1846, death record states she died 31 May 1914 [in Ontario], HOWEVER the death record did not give the usual yrs months days.
Using the date calculator with a start & end date, I find she was 67 yrs 10 months 11 days old when she died. Death record simply states she was 67 years old, if I didn't already have her birth recorded, I would be in the dark. Unfortunately this is the case for my 2nd greatgrandparents, so no way to calculate their birthdays.

Next how old would John George Youker, my 3rd gr grandfather & first generation Youker to Grand Traverse County be? Using his birthdate as the start date and today as end date, John, Johann George Youker would be......220 years, 2 months and 22 days old.

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