May 2, 2009

Remembering Those Who Served

As we approach Memorial Day, I wonder...who in my direct line has ever served in a war?

As for the Raeburn's, my father was a Merchant Marine during WWII, I do not think his brother served in the war. My grandfather was a Canadian Captain on the Great Lakes during both WWI and WWII and there is no mention of him serving otherwise during the wars, his brother William did serve in WWI. His father William Jr, most of his life a Canadian citizen had no wars to fight in, and by WWI was too old. My 2nd great grandfather William Sr, while living in Ireland may have had a brawl or two, but no wars and by the time he was in Canada c1840's, again no wars to fight.

The Cornell’s; My mother was a Navy nurse during WWII. Her father Leo Cornell served in WWI. As for further down the line I do not know. Leo was adopted by the Cornell's who were from Canada and moved into Michigan in the mid to late 1800's. His birth father William Rust, possibly served in the Civil War...I will need to check this. His birth line is well documented back to New England and it is likely someone served in the early wars...Not checked yet.

The Spencer's’; my husbands line. A very well documented family. Serving the country right on down the line to the Revolutionary War....actually wars before that since they were on American soil by the 1630's.

So, there is always more investigating to do. I will have to pick one at a time and see what I can find! See you Memorial Day.

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