October 3, 2010

This Week in Family History-

October 3-9

October 3: Elizabeth Baxter
, the wife of Enos Sylvester Carpenter- is born October 3, 1880. The couple was married in Parry Sound Ontario in 1896. Enos later moves to Saskatchewan and is buried there, in Prince Albert. It is not know (by me) at this time if Elizabeth is also buried there. Enos is the brother of my great grandmother [Zilphie Elizabeth].

My wonderful, beautiful mother Robinette was born
October 3, 1922. Happy Birthday Mommy.

October 5: Stephen Hubert Cornell and Genevieve Dean are married
in Wexford County, Michigan on October 5, 1904. Stephen was a widower when they married. He and his first wife, Alice Cunningham adopted my grandfather’s birth sister Myrtle.

October 6: Franklin Walter Scott was born in 1902 in Lincoln County, Ontario to parents John Franklin Scott and Effie Parnell [Parnall]. He is the grandson of Jane Raeburn.

October 7: Calvin Silas Wheeler is born
in Tamworth, Ontario in 1852 to Luke Wheeler & Abigail Carscallen. He is my great grandfather’s cousin.

October 9: Dorothy Virginia Mathews is born October 9, 1907 in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan to parents Mae Matilda Wheeler and Charles Mathews. Dorothy is my dad’s cousin.

October 8 in history- The Midwest Fires!


  1. I'm interested in Calvin Silas Wheeler, born in Tamworth, Ontario in 1852, and his family. I am interested in another Tamworth family, the children of Samuel York. His son, William Edmund, married Emma Adeline Wheeler in Bellwoods, NY Jan. 10, 1900. I wonder if there was a Wheeler connection in Tamworth that led to William meeting a New York Wheeler. Pretty common name, but I'd like to check it out. Do you have a Wheeler family tree showing the Tamworth branch? Thanks. Margaret

  2. I have very little on Calvin Silas Wheeler son of Luke Wheeler & Abigail Ruth Carscallen in my PAF, however I could dig deeper. I have some Tamworth censuses and books to dig deeper with it.
    As for the York's. I believe there is quite a connection that goes back just can't place it right now without looking.
    Without digging I can tell you right off my line of Wheeler's went into NY from Tamowrth and we can talk more via email on that. My email is in the top right of the blog. Please contact me!