October 10, 2010

This Week in Family History-

October 10-16

October 10 there seems to be no family activity brewing-a quiet day.

October 11- 113 years ago Ross Lynn Wheeler was born in Seney, Michigan to parents Ross Wheeler and Elizabeth McCarthy. Ross Lynn Wheeler is my first cousin, 2 times removed and our common ancestors are James and Matilda Wheeler on my dad’s maternal side. This family moved from Seney to Minnesota sometime after 1900.

October 12- In 1931 Marion Barbara Stafford was born to Carl Stafford and Dorothy Virginia Mathews. She lived only 2 years, 6 months and 6 days unfortunately, I do not know the cause of death. She is buried in the Pinegrove Cemetery in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan. Her mother Dorothy is my dad’s cousin, his maternal side.

October 13- another quiet day in family history.

October 14- 1847 John S. Gorton and Emily H. Ketchum are married in Henrietta, New York. They later moved to Allegan, Michigan living next to John’s brother Quartus. In 1850 they lived next to a Reynolds family there and I have often wondered if they are a relevant family or not as John and Emily’s daughter later marries a Reynolds. Later they move on to Alma, Michigan. They are my 2nd great grandparents on my mothers maternal side.

October 15- Leslie Martin Spencer was born in 1905 to parents Leonard Spencer & Grace Hambleton. He lived in East Lansing Michigan. He is my husband’s grand uncle.

October 10- Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
October 13- Cornerstone of The White House


  1. I wish I knew more of my family history, guess I should join Anstery.com. Thank you for coming by.

  2. I wish I knew more too. I am the baby of the family by a long shot, so grandparents cousins etc I don't know alot about let alone the great aunts and uncles. I am getting 'stats' but am hoping for recall by relatives to sort of put a profile together. None the less, I like the digging!