February 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History: Weeks 7, 6, 5 and 4

Week #4 – Home Week 4: The house I grew up in…..gave me many happy memories. It seems as though everyone was all together, even when we weren’t. My dad built the house on 17th Street on the base of the hill, with a friend just before I was born. It first had gray wood siding then later it was yellow. It will always be the home in my heart. It was I suppose a typical ranch house, with three bedrooms, a living room dining room open combination, and of course a bath and kitchen. We had a full basement used as living space, with an attached garage. Eventually my dad would add on to the end of the house, a room we called “the back room”, here we “lived”! It was a large room, my mother had a sewing area and in the rest of the room there was a sofa and chairs and the grand ‘suitcase’ stereo and console television. A large picture window faced north, and in the late fall and winter when the leaves left the trees, I could see far…to the bay. What a great place to sit and watch a thunderstorm, I did that a lot. Three bedrooms, a bath and laundry room and workshop filled the basement. My grandparents, uncle and brother slept there. I played in the basement for hours, pretending the workshop with shelves was a store…the huge, HUGE chalkboard served as a classroom prop…and we even played school…WHAT? Couldn’t get enough of the real thing?! So many things to do, our imaginations seemed endless….we even pretended to be Nancy Sinatra and (should have invented Karaoke) sang over and over to her album…remember These Boots Were Made for Walking! What made it unique was it was filled with my family and I loved it there. The house still stands today, at 113 W 17th Street, in Traverse City Michigan. I hope the residents there now have happy memories.

Week #5 – Favorite Food Week 5: By far my favorite foods were simply P B and J sandwiches and Ice Cream…hey I was a kid after all, what kid loves veggies? My brother taught me how to make Triple Decker PB&J sandwiches, awesome!

Week #6 – Radio & Television Week 6: Although yes we watched t.v. and bits and pieces of many programs from my childhood buzz through my head, not much of it was a real steady diet to remember. However my two absolute favs were The Wonderful World of Disney and The Flintstones...must watch shows as a kid! I really believed my dad did Fred Flintstone’s voice. I remember Willllllllllmmmmmma! It sound sooooo like, Roooooooobbbbbin!

Week #7 – Toys Week 7: Favorite toy? Hands down it was Barbie and friends! I was yes….spoiled rotten with Barbie dolls…Barbie(s), Ken, Alan, Francie, Skipper, Twiggy, Julia, good grief there were probably others I am sure as I recall a total of about 15 at one time….and all of the accessories, houses, furniture, car (there weren’t a lot to choose from back then) you name it. Don’t ask me where they are now I will cry. Beyond that, besides the games and toys galore….a simple coloring book and crayons would often be my best companion.

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