July 24, 2011

SNGF- Write a Poem on "Where I'm From"

After a rather long leave of absence Randy @ genea-musings has prompted me to try writing a poem on 'where I come from' from a specific format, well here's a shot at it....

Where I'm From

I am from a small town life
From dolls to outdoors games
With Prang, Bazooka and Dairy Queen
Among some other names.
I lived within the sand from the bay
Climbed maples everyday
The smell of the lilacs along the drive
made me smile along the way
Around the kitchen table some smart-alecks did reside
From Dean to Uncle Jack all around there was a gibe
We are from yellers and the schmoozers, wouldn’t you know
The introverts and extroverts, sometimes it didn’t show
I am from the Traverse Bay and Ethel & Ernie’s clan
The stories of the Captain’s tales
Refresh me if you can
The Church of England, Episcopal now
The family friend and priest
Sunday school and coffee gatherings
The dark old wood and creaking floors
The painting on the wall
The colors in the old stained glass-
They were very, very tall
I am sure I was told a lot of things for now my memory fails
I guess I ‘ll make a phone call now, to hear the infamous tales.

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