January 12, 2009

William Raeburn & family

William RAEBURN b.1810-Ireland;d.1897-Nottawasaga Twp.,Simcoe Co,Ontario
sp: Margaret MCCORMICK b.1810 Ireland;d.1891-Nottawasaga Twp.,Simcoe Co,Ontario
2. Eliza RAEBURN b.Abt 1834-Ireland;1900-Nottawasaga Twp.,Simcoe Co.,Ontario
sp: James CREIGHTON b.1832-Cobourg Ontario;m.1857;d.1916 Creemore,Ontario
2. James RAEBURN b.Abt 1839-Ireland;d.1881-Nottawasaga Twp,Simcoe Co,Ontario Canada
2. Jane RAEBURN b.1840-Ireland;d.1915-Grantham Twp,Lincoln Co,Ontario
sp: John SCOTT b.1841-Quebec;m.1866;d.1927-Grantham Twp,LC,Ontario
2. Mary RAEBURN b.1844-Montreal area,Quebec;d.1925-Maple Valley,Grey Co.,Ontario
sp: Richard STEWART b.1840-County Monaghan Ireland;m.1871;d.1935-Osprey Twp.Grey Co,Ontario
2. Margaret Ann RAEBURN b.1846-Quebec;d.1914-St. Catherines,GT,Lincoln Co,Ontario
2. Susannah RAEBURN b.1848-Northumberland Co.,Ontario;d.1937-St.Catharines,L,Ontario
sp: Albert SINCLAIR b.1850-Haldimand Twp.,NCO;m.1876;d.1929-St.Catherines,LC,Ontario
2. William RAEBURN jr b.1853-Northumberland Co.,Ontario;d.1935-Sault Saint Marie,Michigan
sp: Melissa Jane LILLIE b.1855-Harrison Twp. Potter Co,Penn;m.1880;d.1927-Collingwood,SC,Ontario


  1. Were your Raeburn's Catholic? Do you have any in Quebec that hit the 1790 or earlier era? Nosey huh? ;)

  2. Funny you should ask I was going to post on this. No, my Raeburn's were protestant, unknown denomination in Ireland. They attended a Presbyterian church while in Argenteuil County Quebec. With each move throughout Canada they made, they attended yet a different denomination church.

  3. As for Raeburn's earlier than 1790. My direct line came to Quebec c 1840's. I am seeing church records, that indicate Raeburns were in Quebec by early 1800's at least. I do not know where those Raeburns have come from. There are other Raeburns that came into Canada inthe 1820's or earlier from Ireland.

  4. Protestant - that explains why I can't find them! I thought I could surprise you with some extra information but Protestants are always harder to find (for me at least)!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  5. For me Too! I still have not found baptism on Mary b 1844 Quebec. Have you read Quebec the first stop? Who are sibl? What I find interesting is the Livingston/Hamill families. The connection of Margaret Raeburn Livingston...Patrick Hamill: They both are from the same area of Monaghan Ireland and same as mine. Patrick marries Margarets daughter in Quebec...Patrick is Catholic, wife is Protestant. No firey animosity there! And a huge age difference! abt 30 yrs, Patrick is Margarets age....I think these families are connected to mine, just can't find the proof yet as usual!

  6. Hi Holly, thanks for the comment on my blog. There is a census return in 1842 for Argenteuil County (LAC mfm C-728)which *might* include your ancestors. LAC = Library & Archives Canada (www.collectionscanada.ca/). You can borrow films through ILL. See also Canadian Genealogy Centre on the main LAC page. You can check parish register availability for various places within the county. It's even worth checking the Drouin Collection on Ancestry.ca (with every imaginable spelling variation!) because they have some Protestant church register images, mostly from the cities. Please forgive if you have already tried these things .. but you did ask if I'd had any luck :-) (not a lot). There was also a lot of back & forth across the Ottawa River between Argenteuil and Prescott County, Ontario.

  7. Thanks Brenda, I have checked one census film and should check another(at least)and the Drouin collection I have extracted all Raeburn related info from!...I did notice that migration you mentioned... there are some McCormicks across the river in Prescott. My Raeburn's have been very uncooperative!! until they got into Ontario...wonderful records there! There is a possible related Raeburn in Terrebonne also, I should check that area also.