January 16, 2010

Happy 101 and Kreativ Blogger Awards

I am finally getting on responding to some awards that have come my way in recent and not so recent weeks, and I thought no one was reading.....

In November: Sheri Bush @ Twig Talk
awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award, thank you Sheri

Recently: Judith Richards Shubert @ Genealogy Traces
and Linda McCauley @ Documenting The Details
awarded to me the “Happy 101" Award, thank you ladies.

There are many good blogs worth reading, much better than mine! [I think] And I will share some of those I have enjoyed reading over the past year, since I started this blog. Many are on my side bar on the blog to the right and in my profile list...please check all of them out if you have time!

I have always enjoyed Greta’s blog, she writes as though we are all friends of hers
Greta’s Genealogy Bog

Tom Mac @ Genealogy Journey

Brett Payne @ Photo Sleuth great Photos

and one I have just discovered: Cherry Tea Time by Beneta Steyer

Honestly..You would think I have thought about what 10 things make me happy...seeing it seems to be my husbands favorite saying “Are Ya Happy” [Today and every day!]

Things I can currently think of that make me happy (lack of morning coffee at the moment, pardon me as I go get a refill....)

I am happy when my family is happy, what can I say.
Sunsets at Lake Michigan with or without my toes in the sand-sometimes its winter
Hikes...out in the woods when the mosquitoes population is low
Knocking down a brick wall in my family genealogy
Country drives with my husband
Getting together with my family
Sunshine (cue in the John Denver tune....really!
Babies in the family... will make me happy
Renovating a room in the house
Being around happy people
oh, and one more thats 11..hanging out with my big sister and laughing all day long


  1. Holly, you have written a very engaging post! Oh, for more 3-day weekends. Love your photo - your sister and you look very happy and the picture made me happy! I do enjoy your link. Judy

  2. Thanks Holly, for mentioning mine, although there's not been much to read there for the last couple of months. I'm afraid academic studies have taken command of my time, but I still read when I have the time :-) Regards, Brett

  3. I certainly understand that Brett, I haven't been keeping up lately either due to 'other' things in life...hmmm and what are you studying? I would really like to be back in school ha- there was a time I didn't ever think I would say that!